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If you haven't tried Lumiday yet, JUST BUY IT! It is amazing and has helped me not only feel better and not be such a bear."

- Aaron

Love it!

After taking my first dose of Lumiday, I noticed results! Raising three young children, my life can be quite chaotic. Generally speaking, after a long day of work, walking into my house is anything but relaxing. With stress running high, I sometimes find myself irritable and overwhelmed. After taking Lumiday, I noticed a dramatic decrease in stress. I can now walk into my house and I actually feel relaxed! I feel a calming sensation and my kids sense it! Not only has Lumiday helped me but more importantly, it has impacted my family too."

- Julia

Somebody has saved me!

I just got my 14 day trial and take one pill in the morning and one at night. I have been struggling to keep balanced, but would rather deal with my moods on my own. I am on day two and in my state, I am already feeling great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who struggles with moods. Thank you Lumiday!"

- Nana

Very good product

I was feeling down recently because of big disappointments. I saw this capsule ad on my computer while browsing my emails. Read this one. Just thought I’d give it a try. The Lumiday package arrived in three days and while I was down and didn’t feel like working in my office. I took two tablets in the morning. It helped greatly. Though the situation didn't vanish, I did not feel down, I started thinking and feeling good, I used this tablet regularly and it helped. This product is worth the money. I have also researched similar products in GNC and other places; the ingredients like vitamins and L-Theanin are higher than the other low cost products. I strongly recommend this when you feel down. You will really feel good. The ingredients are what matters."

- Vijay

I asked my husband for Lumiday for Christmas and in delight, it came in my stocking! I started taking it immediately and saw immediate results.*

It was actually life-changing for me. I've been heralding its success to everyone who will listen!

I have now realized the darkness and negativity in which I was living and never want to go back to that. I love your product and want to keep taking it."

- Kerry
*Users typically feel significant results in 14-60 days of use.


I tried this product and I couldn't believe the results. I felt so much better after my trial, that I went to the store to buy some more. I take two in the morning. It's the first thing I reach for in the morning. This is a wonder!"

- Ron

Excellent Product

This product has relieved my stress and in general boosted my overall mood. I take one capsule in the morning and another mid to late afternoon."

- Carmen

Lifesaver at our house! Very effective!

Lumiday makes you feel great very quickly!"

- Bill

Works great

I first started taking Lumiday a few weeks ago. Everyone has bad days, so I thought it might help. At first I didn't notice much change so I thought it wasn't working, especially because there were no side effects. After I stopped taking it for a couple days I could totally see a difference. I started taking it again immediately and I'm so glad that I did.

I can definitely say that I am more productive at work and more friendly with people in general, which is a huge improvement for me."

- Nick

I would buy this product again and again

I recently lost my insurance and was looking for a way to relieve my need to cry and worry. I felt I was falling; a problem that I could not afford to address without the insurance. So I began looking for ways. I found Lumiday on the internet and read the reviews. I have been using it for weeks now and believe that it has helped me in so many ways. I am no longer worrying about the little things, I am nicer to everyone. It is a little expensive but worth every penny."

- Casey

Love it!

This is an excellent product. I can tell the days I take it, to the days I don’t. I feel alert, and I can usually make it till the end of the night without getting irritable and crabby! My husband and kids are happy because of it too! :)"

- Melissa

Works Great!!!

I purchased this for my daughter who is having anxiousness and can't sleep. She has been using this for 2 weeks now and it has helped tremendously!!!*"

- Charles
*Typical results take 30-60 days of use.

Great product!

I have a history of being down. I opted to exercise and diet to help manage my stress levels which helped tremendously. During a high stress period in my life I was once again falling no matter what I did. I was anxious, angry and knew I had to do something. I went to GNC and with the help of the associate working there, I tried Lumiday. This is by far the best product I have ever tried! I take 2 pills in the morning and if I skip a dose I can tell. I am buying this for a friend experiencing life stress knowing this will help."

- Angela

I found this supplement and I can't believe how much more stable I feel. My mood is more consistent, I have no side effects! "

- Martin

Best Supplement Ever

I love Lumiday. The first time I tried it was the 14-day trial. It has really helped me with motivation. I am now a regular user of Lumiday.

I take Lumiday daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Just 3 days of starting it, I have noticed a difference.*

My moods are much better, I feel good, not edgy or tired, and just feel normal again.

Sure the price is more than I would like to pay for a one-month supply however, it is money well invested. I am a full-time working mother of three and a wife. Mood is of utmost importance in my life.

If you haven't tried it, give it a shot. :))"

- Shelly
*Typical results take 14-60 days of use.

Gave it a try....glad I did

I purchased this product reluctantly, mainly because it costs so much. I decided I really needed to do something about my stress/fatigue and general attitude...I was feeling a little down even with all the exercise I do. Things I used to do that made me feel good both mentally & physically, just didn't seem to be working like in the past. That's when I decided to try something. SO...I agreed to purchase 1 bottle (30-day supply) of Lumiday. Thought I'd give it a try. It truly does seem to be helping. I'm not a pill taker, so anything I do take, I notice. I feel "level" and not so up & down. I don't feel so sad. Still, I'm not 100% convinced, but I will continue this product for the good results I have had. It has most definitely taken the "edge" off!"

- Paula

Worth a try

I was a little reluctant to try this because of the price but I'm glad I'm did. My stress levels decreased significantly and I like that I'm taking a supplement. I was impressed with the results."

- Lori

Works Great

I have been dealing with lots of stress, lately. My wife introduced me to this product. I have to say this stuff is amazing; I honestly do not feel stress anymore. In fact, my entire mood has changed. At first, I was skeptical and assumed the product would be a joke but it truly does work."

- Jonathan

My own personal miracle

I walked into GNC one day and was straight-up with the cashier. I was having anxiousness. The cashier recommended Lumiday, and I tried it, figuring I had nothing to lose. A few days in, and I was a new person.* I just bought my second bottle today. I don't plan on EVER being without this supplement. On a different trip I was raving about this product, and the cashier took one off the shelf and told me that it was from the 5 HTP. I don't know how true it is (although I've never been steered wrong by an employee there before) but whatever is in this is a miracle. I am a new person. I would definitely recommend this to anyone facing anxiousness."

- Andrew
*Typical results take 14-60 days of use.

Lumiday works great!

Works great. It makes your mood better. No more anxious moments. "

- Theresa

Works as expected, great!"

- Willy

My wife loves it, says it helps her have a better day."

- Brandon

I've been taking this for 2 months and it has been great. I've been able to not dwell on the bad things that are going on in my life and I've just felt much happier."

- Lisa

Lumiday is a great way to help balance life. About to order a third time."

- Jacob

This is a great product to use for stress and will help you relax. It has helped me and it will help you too."

- Irwin

Second day taking it and I am in a much much better mood.* It started on the first day. I took it and noticed that I started having a better outlook and was in a better, fresher-feeling mood than I had been in a long time. I actually wanted to go to work! Great stuff. I will keep updating. I am 100 percent glad I tried this stuff."

- Matthew
*Typical results take 14-60 days of use.

I love this stuff, it keeps my stress levels down. If I miss a day, everybody knows. "

- Chuck

Wish I could go on and on about this product. Works excellently. Nuff said."

- Jimmy

WOW! This stuff worked immediately!* It really helped suppress stress-related behaviors. I highly recommend it."

- Erica
*Typical results take 14-60 days of use.

Wow, this stuff really works. Started taking 2 capsules every morning before work and immediately felt the effects.* Less stress right away. Definitely recommend this product!!!"

- George
*Typical results take 14-60 days of use.

I've suffered for as long as I can remember. In a few words, after trying Lumiday for a couple of days, I feel like I was born again.* I feel happy; finally God has answered my prayers. I will thank the person who invented this for the rest of my life. I still can't believe it. It's a miracle. "

- Andrea
*Typical results take 14-60 days of use.

Luminite works great on sleepless nights

Helps me sleep on the nights that are hard to sleep. I use it once a week or so. In general I have no problem sleeping."

- Barry

Luminite is a good product

I've been using Luminite for the first time, and it helps me relax and sleep. I am a nervous type of person, so I take Luminite 30-60 minutes before bedtime, and it does the job to assist my being able to fall asleep and awaken refreshed in the morning."

- James

Works great - sleep through the night"

- Angela

Works great - sleep through the night

Luminite is a great product; it's worked better than other over-the-counter supplements that I've tried. After going through years without being able to sleep through the night, Luminite has worked every night for months. Even when awoken by a phone call, I was able to fall back to sleep— before Luminite, I would've been awake the rest of the night.

I recommend that you take it at least an hour before bedtime and take no more than one pill. Otherwise, you run the risk of waking up groggy or sleeping through your alarm the next morning, as other reviewers have noted."

Luminite = fast way to sleep fast

As most young people my age, I'm hesitant to take supplements or medications. However, recently I had trouble getting to sleep due to day-to-day stresses taking place in my life and I needed something to help me get some good sleep. The lack of sleep was only increasing my stress. I came across Luminite and thank goodness for it! I managed to get 8 solid hours of sleep and I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I wasn't groggy when I woke up and it literally only took a few minutes to fall asleep after taking a pill about 30 minutes before going to bed. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to get quality sleep! You won't be disappointed!"

- Leslie

I have tried different sleep formulas for 10 years till I found this— nothing works as good as this one. I've been using it for the past 2 years and can't ever see myself going back."

- Eric

This has been my husbands and my best ever way to get a good night’s sleep with no morning grogginess. Product that is good for you."

- Deborah

I have tried so many different kinds of sleep aids.. This product works the best."

- Ryan

Great night sleep. We have used others but this works the best by far."

- Judy

I find Luminite extremely useful for getting a good night sleep."

- Nancy

Relaxes you so you can fall asleep without the tired feeling the next day."

- Patricia