Not All Supplements Are Created Equally

Our Commitment To A Higher Quality

At Lumiday, we refuse to take shortcuts. While other companies may skimp on science, ingredients, dosages, and testing, we create our products under the highest quality standards possible.


It All Starts with Science

We don’t throw just anything into our products. Our elite supplements are formulated based on science, not speculation. Our in-house team of scientists and researchers carefully review the latest clinical research and published studies to select the best clinically-researched ingredients at the safest, most effective dosages.


Sourcing Quality Ingredients

Where your ingredients come from matters. We only partner with the most reputable, verified, and trusted suppliers to ensure the most premium quality, and ultimately, the greatest results. Lumiday products only contain the ingredients you need and nothing you don’t. You won’t find any unnecessary fillers or harmful ingredients—just complete transparency. With Lumiday, you can feel confident about what you’re putting in your body.

All Lumiday Products Are Made Without:
Gluten, Soy, Dairy, GMOs, Hormones, Stimulants, or Artificial Flavors


Manufacturing Done Right

We are one of the few supplement makers to actually have our own manufacturing and warehousing facility, which gives us control over the quality behind our products. Lumiday is manufactured in our FDA-registered, GMP-compliant, NSF-certified, and third-party audited facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah—with quality control checks at every step along the way.


Test, Test & Test Again

We take raw material and finished product testing very seriously. We carefully test our ingredients before putting them into our products. We take this a step further, routinely testing our finished products by independent third-party labs. We use several tests to validate our ingredients, including microbiology testing, heavy metals testing, identity testing, and assay testing, to ensure they meet the strictest quality standards and fulfill our promises to our customers.


Not all women’s supplements live up to our strict standards. With rigorous research, top-shelf ingredients, and comprehensive testing, Lumiday products deliver the superior quality—and superior results—you deserve.