Bottle of Lumiday<sup>®</sup> Youth Rejuvenator

Youth Rejuvenator


Youth Rejuvenator is your ally against aging. After age 25, your body produces less human growth hormone, the powerful youth booster that keeps your body feeling younger.

With 8 key ingredients, Youth Rejuvenator boosts your body’s production of HGH so you can enjoy its age-defying benefits and feel years younger. It’s designed to be taken before bed, so while you’re at rest, it’s putting in work to support endocrine balance, promote better sleep quality, and restore a more youthful you.

  • Boost Your Body’s HGH Production
  • Feel More Youthful Inside & Out
  • Get the Best Sleep of Your Life
  • Natural Lavender Lemon Flavor


Supplement Facts

Made Without





Proprietary Blends



Artificial Flavors

How To Use

Mix 1 packet in 8 oz. of water, and drink it slowly over several minutes on an empty stomach before bed.


Youth Rejuvenator DOES NOT contain growth hormone. Rather, it has amino acids that support your body’s own release of HGH:


An amino acid shown to support deeper, sounder sleep, as well as dissolve stress and brighten your mood.


A choline compound found in the brain. Choline is needed to produce acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter.


2-Fold Increase In Just 90 Minutes!

In clinical studies, women taking the key ingredients in Youth Rejuvenator experienced a two-fold increase in growth hormone levels, compared to the control group—and in just 90 minutes!


“This product is actually incredible. You will definitely feel this product working, FYI. Taken at night, it takes the edge off of nighttime stress (like a glass of wine, but way better?) and really helps you sleep. You can actually feel your body and mind relax and calm down and its very visceral. The flavor is honestly delicious. It’s not overtly lavender-y or florally in any way. More like a really fancy lemonade. WOW. I will say after using, I think I look better. I don't even know if that is part of the claims, but it’s also significant.”

- Erin J.

“I have been able to get the best rest and sleep after taking these supplements. I seem to have more energy and having less sleepless nights as well. I’ve needed these in my life for awhile but I’m glad I finally found something that works for me.”

- L. Williams

"Easy to use with the individual servings. Sleep better at night. More energy and just overall feel better during the day.”

- Shelly P.

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