Bottle of Lumiday<sup>®</sup> Radiance Within

Radiance Within

Radiate beauty from the inside out


Beauty isn’t just about your outward appearance. It’s about total body wellness. That’s why we created Radiance Within: the complete beauty-from-within solution that targets the key aspects of a woman’s well-being to revitalize, rejuvenate, and renew the female body.

Glow from head to toe with an exclusive combination of clinically validated ingredients designed to boost skin appearance, hydration, and elasticity; support hair strength, shine, and fullness; strengthen dull, brittle nails; support a healthy metabolism; and transform your emotional and sexual wellness.

  • Get Youthful, Vibrant & Moisturized Skin
  • Promote Strong, Beautiful Hair & Nails
  • Boost Metabolism & Curb Stress-Related Eating
  • Support a Healthy, Happy Mood & Sex Life


Supplement Facts

Made Without





Proprietary Blends



How To Use

Take 2 capsules once daily, with or without food.


Cynatine® HNS Plus:

A revolutionary ingredient comprised of sustainably-sourced, solubilized keratin (a protein naturally found in the body), as well as essential vitamins and minerals: niacin, vitamin B6, biotin, pantothenic acid, copper, and zinc. Studies show it enhances the health, beauty, and strength of skin, hair, and nails.


A unique, high-quality Ashwagandha root extract shown to stimulate sexual arousal, pleasure, and better orgasms. It also eases stress and tension and boosts positive mood and emotional well-being.


A hot red pepper extract that gives you all the thermogenic benefits of the pepper’s capsaicinoids—but without the burn. It’s scientifically shown to boost resting metabolic rate.

Vitamin C:

An essential nutrient for vibrant, youthful-looking skin. Higher levels of vitamin C are associated with improved skin hydration and appearance, according to a major population study.

Vitamin D, Quercetin & Resveratrol:

Aging begins in your cells. These key ingredients help combat the signs of aging at the cellular level.


Reveal Radiant Skin, Hair & Nails

In a clinical study, women who took our key ingredient, Cynatine® HNS Plus, experienced:

Visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
Improvement in hair shine, volume & strength
Stronger nails & decreased nail breakage

Heighten Passion & Pleasure In The Bedroom

In a clinical study, women who took our key ingredient, KSM-66®, experienced:

Better orgasms
Increased arousal
Improved lubrication


“I started taking Radiance Within about a month ago. Once the weather changed is really when I saw the change in my skin and hair. I was no longer lathering on moisturizer and adding extra conditioner—AMAZING! I don’t feel like my skin is dehydrated!”

- Kate C.

“Since taking Radiance Within, my previously breaking, brittle nails from manicures have strengthened, grown, and are overall healthier! Love what it’s doing for me.”

- Carol L.

“I love it! After taking for a month I noticed stronger nails and my ‘over 50’ hair was sooo much smoother on high humidity days.”

- Anita G.

“As I have grown older, I have been much more mindful of my skin. I have also noticed that my face definitely feels and appears more hydrated now. The key ingredients in Radiance Within are an added benefit. With all the artificial additives and preservatives mixed into products that we ingest each day, it is reassuring to know that I am actually taking a product that is beneficial to my appearance and my overall well-being!”

- Cathy G.

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