Love Goddess

Bring back that lovin’ feeling


A satisfying sex life is key to your overall happiness and well-being. But factors like stress and aging can make it hard to get in the mood or feel the passion and pleasure that you used to.

Reignite your sexual spark with Love Goddess: the female libido booster that delivers targeted nutrients to supercharge your sexual desire, stimulation, and satisfaction. It also has key ingredients that promote positive mind and mood, so you can increase your total body wellness and feel like a Goddess in the bedroom and in everyday life.

  • Boost Sexual Desire & Libido
  • Stimulate Arousal, Pleasure & Orgasms
  • Enhance Mood & Emotional Well-being
  • Increase Nitric Oxide Levels for Healthy Blood Flow


Supplement Facts

Made Without





Proprietary Blends



How To Use

Take 2 capsules once daily, with or without food.



A high-quality fenugreek extract shown to stimulate libido, arousal, pleasure, and better orgasms and bring excitement back to your sex life. It may also help alleviate common discomforts experienced during menopause, including hot flushes and night sweats.


An amino acid clinically shown to relieve stress, boost positive mood, and promote relaxation without drowsiness.


A blend of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that was shown in a clinical study to boost nitric oxide levels.

Ginkgo biloba:

A highly-concentrated plant extract that has traditionally been used for centuries to support sexual health.

Vitamin D:

Often called the “sunshine vitamin,” it’s an essential vitamin that plays an integral role in your body’s production of neurotransmitters involved in mood.


Feel Like A Goddess In The Bedroom

In a clinical study, women who took our key ingredient, Libifem®, experienced a HUGE BOOST in sexual function, versus the control group—with improvements in libido, arousal, pleasure, and orgasm satisfaction—after just 2 months!

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