4 Ways Your Sleep Changes After 40

Not getting enough quality sleep and waking up exhausted are commonalities among many women. It’s even truer for those of us who are over the age of 40. That’s because, as we get older, our bodies change. Here’s how it affects our sleep:

1) You spend less time in a deep sleep

Do you ever feel tired even after getting eight hours of sleep? You’re not alone. As we age, our sleep cycle changes. We spend less time in the deeper stages of sleep and more time in the lighter stages. That’s why we don’t feel rested, no matter how long we sleep.

2) You wake up more easily in the night

When I was younger, I could sleep through just about anything—thunderstorms, city traffic, or loud neighbors. But now even the slightest noise wakes me up from my sleep. Since we are stuck in those lighter sleep stages, we wake up more easily during the night.

3) You wake up earlier

In our teens and 20s, most of us could easily sleep straight ‘til noon. But as we’ve gotten older, our bodies naturally wake us up earlier and earlier.

4) Your HGH production declines

HGH is a hormone naturally produced by the body. Often referred to as your “youth hormone,” it’s what helps you feel energized, maintain healthy lean muscle mass, and look and feel your best. But as we age, our bodies gradually produce less and less HGH, causing us to feel even more tired and run down.

And on the flip side, our bodies need restful sleep in order to produce adequate HGH. So, without good sleep, your HGH levels continue to decrease.

To help combat these issues, we developed Youth Rejuvenator: the nighttime dietary supplement that supports deeper, more restful sleep and healthy HGH levels.

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And while you’re enjoying those soothing ZZz’s, Youth Rejuvenator promotes healthy HGH production to help you: 

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-Look & feel younger

-Maintain optimal health

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