Are your makeup habits actually aging your skin?

Healthy, smooth, and radiant skin… That’s the goal, right?!
Makeup might seem like the best route to achieve a beautiful complexion. But, the truth is your makeup may actually be worsening the skin issues you’re trying to cover up.
Here’s what happens when you wear makeup every day:
Makeup clogs your pores—causing blemishes & skin aging
Many women apply foundation and powders to cover up blemishes, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. But, wearing them every day can lead to clogged pores, causing more blemishes and breaking down the proteins that keep your skin supple and firm. If you’re going to wear coverup, make sure it’s right for your skin type and that you remove all makeup before sweating, working out, and going to bed.
Makeup is packed with unsafe additives & fillers
Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Makeup products are often filled with unsafe ingredients and fillers—like parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, and other toxic chemicals—that are bad for your skin and your health. And the more you apply them to your skin, the greater your risk. That’s why we recommend using only organic makeup brands that undergo independent testing to ensure there are no hidden and harmful ingredients.
Makeup can’t penetrate deep enough to provide skincare benefits
You might notice more and more cosmetics are being formulated with popular skincare ingredients, like vitamin C, biotin, or hyaluronic acid. It may seem like makeup infused with these ingredients is benefiting your skin. But, the truth is makeup and cosmetics don’t penetrate the skin deep enough to be effective. So, they aren’t really doing you any good.
The secret to healthy, beautiful skin starts within…
If you want firm, hydrated, and healthy skin, then a supplement like Radiance Within can really help. While cosmetics only sit on the surface of the skin, Radiance Within nourishes your skin at the cellular level where topicals can’t reach.
It replenishes key nutrients, including solubilized keratin, bioavailable vitamin C, clinical-strength biotin, and potent antioxidants, to promote healthier, younger-looking skin from within—instead of temporarily covering you up.

Backed by 10 clinical ingredient studies, Radiance Within helps:
•    Tighten skin & support elasticity
•    Visibly reduce wrinkles & fine lines
•    Hydrate & moisturize for a dewy glow
•    Support cellular collagen synthesis
•    Replenish vital nutrients for healthy aging

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